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My safety school wants me to confirm enrollment, but I'm still waiting on my LSAT score.

lawschool33lawschool33 Legacy Member

I got into two schools and got waitlisted at two others. I had to pay the deposit for my safety school, but I retook the LSAT yesterday to see if I could get a better score. I feel like I probably got a better score, but my safety school is asking me to confirm enrollment before I get my LSAT score back. The other two schools that I got waitlisted at said a decision will be made before August 6, and the safety school's orientation starts August 7. How should I approach the safety school's enrollment confirmation question since I'm hoping my score will be good enough to go to one of the waitlisted schools?


  • 1percntr1percntr Member
    10 karma

    Ask if they are willing to extend the date. Some schools are flexible with this if "finances" are an issue.

  • ViciousBanditViciousBandit Alum Member
    14 karma

    Im in a similar situation. I had to confirm my enrollment but I could cancel my registration by notifying admission in writing. Maybe your school has something like that? I would call the admissions office and ask.

  • Jonah Chadwick GriegoJonah Chadwick Griego Alum Member
    610 karma

    two in the bush vs 1 in the hand. Which do you WANT? If you see yourself succeeding at another institution then don't settle.

  • LivingThatLSATdreamLivingThatLSATdream Alum Member
    500 karma

    I'll second what @"Jonah Chadwick Griego" said.... From your previous posts it seems that you have a "dream" school and you maybe won't be happy anywhere else. Don't settle. Imagine what you could do if your June LSAT score has increased and you apply early for the 2019 cycle. Or you could even increase your score more in July or September and still apply early for 2019. Make sure you are committing to a program you want to be at, and hopefully getting some $$$ to attend. Good luck!

  • lawschool33lawschool33 Legacy Member
    100 karma

    I emailed the admissions office to tell them I need to wait for my score, and they are going to proceed as if I’m going there and I’m to let them know if my plans change.

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