Help! New to Recording myself - how should i do this and what should i look for?

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Hey all,

So i hear that recording yourself take a PT is super helpful and highly recommended. I have a few questions that I think I have some answers (recording helps with pacing, etc.) but I would love to hear everyone else's thoughts/advice.

  1. What is the purpose of recording yourself?
  2. What should you be looking for/analyzing when you record yourself?
  3. How should you review your recorded footage? Should you review your recorded footage after you Br'ed and checked your answers, or before??
  4. How often should you record yourself PTing? Like should you do it for every PT you take?
  5. When you watch your recorded footage, do you literally just do that -- spend 3.5 hours watching yourself taking a PT? Is that a waste of time? What should you be doing/thinking/analyzing when you watch your recorded footage?

i also think some previous threads touched on some of these thoughts. if you could reply with any threads you think are relevant, that'll be super helpful too!

Thanks all!


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    It’s not a thread, but the post-cc webinar goes over filming yourself. I think the words that he uses are “be creative” with your setup. If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, I believe that when he talked about this he told everyone to “get an image of the test” so you can see what question you’re working on. You want to review the footage twice once the test is over. The first time you review it, take the test over again in your head while you watch yourself take it. The second time through keep track of how long you spent on specific questions. Check to see if you wasted time on a question that you should have just trusted your gut for.

    It’s all laid out in the post cc webinar

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    Just by watching, things should jump out at you. Why did you spend so much time on this question? Why are you playing with your pencil? What is your body language saying. Why did you spend so much time and just circle the question and move on? Why were you confident in this answer choice that was wrong? Are you moving to fast? What are your habits?

    These are questions I asked myself while I watched my videos. Granted, I really don't like this practice. I don't think it is a constructive use of time. Once you have an idea of what you are doing wrong, you shouldn't have to watch videos of every PT. But if you find it helpful then go for it.

    Also, it didn't help that my dad stepped on my recording thing and broke it lol

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    @JustDoIt thank you!

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