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Question about LG: Brute forcing when I have rules with conditional logic

edited July 2018 in Logic Games 14 karma

Hey 7sagers,

I realize this is a very specific question but it seems to be a problem that I keep getting stuck on so I wanted to ask for advice. I have noticed this problem occurs specifically in1) sequencing/grouping games that have rules using conditional logic. 2) The questions that inevitably need to be solved using "brute force" as JY would say (can't be solved with just inferences). Essentially, how should I brute force these questions when there are conditional logic rules? Should I fulfill the sufficient condition and test? Necessary condition and let the sufficient fall away? Both?

Thanks so much!


  • JustDoItJustDoIt Alum Member
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    Brute force really should be the last resort especially in your prep. When you brute force, you want to plug in the variable in go through all of the rules until you get an answer. Essentially, you are both satisfying the sufficient or denying the necessary, whatever the rules call for. But more importantly, brute forcing doesn't change when you have conditional rules, you still need to plug in and go through all of the rules.

    If this doesn't answer your question, do you have a specific example?

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