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Looking to consult someone scoring in the mid 150's-low 160's

BumblebeeBumblebee Legacy Member

I've been scoring in the low 160's (BR'ing in the low 170's) and would like to consult someone scoring in a similar range to discuss Logical Reasoning strategies. My current goal is to perform efficiently and effectively under time pressure. To do this, I've worked on incorporating skipping strategies and taking a consistent approach to reading the stimulus & going through the answer choices.
During the consultation, I'd like to go over some LR sections and refer back to some lessons and problem sets in the curriculum.

Please feel free to message me!

Thank you!


  • AlexRexegerAlexRexeger Alum Member
    178 karma

    Hey I’ve been ranging generally high 160s. I’d be happy to discuss strategies and maybe do some review of sections. Let me know if you’re interested.

  • samantha.ashley92samantha.ashley92 Alum Member
    1777 karma

    Hey! Low 160s here. I'd be willing to go over anything! My strength is RC-- usually getting -0 or -1 on the hardest passages on BR. LR and LG... depends on the question. I struggle the most with weakening questions and MSS questions that have super long answer choices. I just started PTing but I'm taking the September exam. (Yikes.)

  • 14 karma

    I just broke my plateau in the low 160's and am up to the high 160's now, and dont mind talking about anything that might be causing problems! taking the september exam!

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