overconfidence errors in RC - please help!

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hey all,

so i've been struggling with overconfidence errors in RC. I average about -5/-6 timed RC, and -2 for BR.

Of the -5/-6 timed, 3 of them are overconfidence errors

those errors are usually where i pick one answer choice, and am pretty sure, and sometimes don't read the other answer choices.

other times it's that i get tricked by a trap AC.

any one have any advice??

it's always tough to balance timing with accuracy with RC, as well as to find that sweet spot of not being overconfident but also not being under confident. should i more intentional in trying to eliminate wrong AC's for more questions?

any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. thank you!


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    I think if you're noticing that many overconfidence errors, then you need to take the time to read every single answer choice. What tends to happen to me on harder questions is that I can easily eliminate three of the wrong answer choices just by skimming them and then I take the time to really read the remaining two answer choices. That way, I don't have to sink a lot of time into doing a close reading of EVERY answer choice, but I'm less likely to make those kinds of errors. When you get tricked by a trap answer choice, try to articulate to yourself exactly how it was a trick and then keep that in mind the next time you see a similar question.

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    How much time do you have at the end of the section? Usually when I answer something really fast and then move on, I will put a dash through the number of the question and come back to it if there is any time at the end to make sure that my AC is correct. My problem with RC is that I am too slow still and end up having no time at the end to check my circled questions and dashed questions. You could work on a marking strategy for questions that you suspect may be hastily answered so you can go back and check to make yourself more sure of the correct AC.

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