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How long did it take for logic games to click for you?

JPJ July2021JPJ July2021 Monthly Member
in Logic Games 1532 karma

I'm currently in the process of fool proofing (I'm on PT 8 of 35). I feel more comfortable with logic games but it's still by far my weakest section. I often find myself freezing up and having to watch the explanation because I have no idea how to proceed with the game. How long did it take for logic games to click for you? Did it happen gradually or all at once?


  • OhnoeshalpmeOhnoeshalpme Alum Member
    2531 karma

    I think by PT 32 I felt pretty good. Then I transitioned to section drilling and had to put everything back together again. It takes a long time. The fool-proof method does work but it took me more than a month of daily studying to get to a reasonable score on LG.

  • SamiSami Alum Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
    10731 karma

    I remember I took a month just to fool proof LG and that's when things clicked for me. I highly suggest that. A lot of people here see a night and day difference after fool proofing LG.

    The freezing up because you have no idea how to proceed happens when you are not familiar with games. After fool proofing, you'll have an almost automatic response to the different game types the LSAT can throw at you.

  • lsatplaylistlsatplaylist Alum Member
    5244 karma

    It'll get better. Agreeing with above comments. Sometimes I've gone over the steps out loud and that's helped. Also, how people would answer the same question but for LR?

  • Raising The BarRaising The Bar Free Trial Member
    22 karma

    It took me around a month of foolproofing to finish each section, and two months to refine my skills and use the best approaches to each game.
    Part of the difficulty of Logic Games are that they can have different setups and it can be hard to visualize them and represent certain types of rules at first. After a while you will have seen almost every type of rule and setup and you'll be able to translate it to new games.

  • keets993keets993 Alum Member 🍌
    6045 karma

    My answer is two-fold. First, I foolproofed the games in the CC while I went through the CC so that's how long it took me to feel confident in games individually. Second, it took about 10 timed sections to get comfortable doing games as a section. That's the one issue with foolproofing, people get used to doing games out of context (so knowing when to skip one question from a game) and people are rid of the panic that accompanies an unfamiliar game. While foolproofing a game you already know how long the game should take, any weird rules, whether you should split or not. It takes a while to get used to the panic and fight or flight reaction that accompanies doing games as sections. So, I highly recommend that people also do timed sections of games in addition to foolproofing before starting PT-ing.

  • eRetakereRetaker Free Trial Member
    2038 karma

    Took two months to fool-proof until I got to consistent -0 on LGs.

  • samantha.ashley92samantha.ashley92 Alum Member
    1777 karma

    I felt comfortable by the end of the CC, but I did certain games like 10 times. If I couldn't get a game 100% right within the suggested time frame, I redid. I probably spent two hours on this game about male/female snakes and lizards. However, just because I'm comfortable with the games doesn't mean I'm great at them. I still go about -6 on PTs but that's usually due to stupid mistakes and then messing up the misc game at the end. The good news is that I don't freeze up on the "normal" games anymore, and I can attempt them with a basic level of confidence. My diagnostic was -13 and I didn't even get to attempt the last game, so... progress feels good.

  • amicuslsatamicuslsat Alum Member
    178 karma

    Took me a month and a half to get to a consistent -0. I'd always make a point to note what rules gave birth to what inferences and that was the key for me. Hope that helps! Good luck! LG is truly the easiest to improve on. :)

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