"Why shouldn't do BL or go to T-14"

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Is this post only deterring me from going to law school? I'm a bit bummed and honestly thinking idk what i'm getting myself into pursuing T-14 in hopes of BL.


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    No, it says "This post is not to discount or discourage those pursuing T-14 schools in hopes of a BL job but really get to know the legal profession before you apply." I think the title was just intentionally misleading.

    I think the article/rant is right on. Most people have no idea what the actual work entails and I think there's a lot of unhappiness in the profession (BL especially) as a result. You say you don't know what you're getting yourself into, so I would suggest some sort of job/internship in the legal field to find out. Doesn't necessarily have to be at a big firm either.

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    That extreme overtime and weekend work is something that my friends who went to some of the lowest ranked schools in the nation and work in small boutique firms are experiencing now as well...except they're being paid $50k and less.
    Don't go to law school if you're scared of working over time.
    It's a different environment that a lot of people get really overwhelmed/terrified by, even if they are working as a receptionist.

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    From what I read about certain firm culture, it can definitely get pretty bad at places like Kirkland and Ellis but firms like OMM seems to do much better with work life balance. Also agree that I read about boutiques having longer hours than even big law firms.

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