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[Test Center Review] William Patterson University Test Center, Wayne New Jersey

pokey181pokey181 Member
edited September 2018 in Test Center Reviews 6 karma

William Patterson University Test Center, Wayne New Jersey

The biggest surprise was the small size of the desktop. Otherwise a great facility.

Proctors: Two were very cordial and professional, stuck with the LSAC script which was fine. Monitored students but not distracting.
Facilities: College building, vending machines in the lobby
What kind of room: classroom
How many in the room: 25 students in a room with 35 desks
Desks: individual desks, tiny desk top, not enough room for booklet without hanging off the edge, challenge for RC and LG to see. LR just folded booklet so one page visible.
Left-handed accommodation: a few lefty desks
Noise levels: quiet
Parking: ample campus parking close by
Time elapsed from arrival to test: no wasted time, very prompt
Irregularities or mishaps: none
Other comments: none
Would you take the test here again? Yes
Date[s] of Exam[s]: September 9 2018

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