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Plan of attack for November 2018 after September 2018

gkoebel1gkoebel1 Legacy Member

So, like many of my fellow 7Sage friends out there I took the September 2018 test and probably went -2 or -3 lower than my average PT score. I already decided to retake weather or not by some chance my actual LSAT score is around my average or even possibly above (by some miraculous act of god). Being entirely open, I suck at RC and my LR is below average. My LG is solid and I feel most confident in this section. My "general" plan is to take about two solid weeks to only do RC. I want to try to do 50-60 RC passages a week during this time and review each thoroughly. After I plan to drill LR for another two weeks and do some RC during this time frame also. I will be around three to four weeks out from test day at this point and plan to PT a few exams and do thorough review generally. I have taken roughly 28-30 PT's already at this point and know how to "flow" through a test and how to handle all the different "situations" that the LSAT can throw; I really am just trying to gather a deeper comprehension at this point. I'm really just trying to see if anyone has any opinions they could throw my way ! Thank you, and good luck to all :)

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