PT46.S2.Q23 - whoever is kind is loved by somebody

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I diagrammed it and got K-->LS,O----> H Then for conclusion K--->H when doing all this how do I get to D? I ended up picking E because I knew it couldnt be D (terrible logic i know)


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    This is how I diagrammed it:
    whoever is kind is loved by somebody or other (K->loveD)
    whoever loves anyone is happy (loveS->H)
    it follows that whoever is kind is happy (K->H)

    so to arrive at the conclusion we would need to connect loveD->loveS.
    answer choice D is /loveS->/loveD
    the contrapositive of this would become loveD->loveS, exactly what we need!
    as for answer choice E, it would be loveS->K, but we would need K->loveS in order for this to be relevant.
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