LG/Reading Comp/Practice testing - How long did it take you? + What helps you focus!?!?

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Hi everyone,

I want a rough idea for how long it took some of you guys to complete the core curriculum; logic games section / Reading Comp and practice testing?

Also, Is there anything I can do to improve my focus? Sometimes I do one logic game and feel like I need a break....I want to be mentally stronger so I can sit there and get through more of the CC faster.

Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks everyone in advance.


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    Are you talking about the sections of the core curriculum? Or just sections in general? If you're talking about sections in general, I would highly advise against breaking them apart like that. If you do two months of RC while completely ignoring LR, you'll get rusty in LR, etc. You should be working them all at once. Now, if you wanted to say take two weeks and just do an LG intensive or something like that, I think that would be fine, but in general it's not a good idea to focus on one section for a super long time at the expense of the others.

    It's okay to not be able to study for more than three hours- most people don't. The actual LSAT is only around three hours of actual work, and you get a fifteen minute break. What I usually do is study for a solid hour-hour and a half and then take a short break (snack, walk, whatever). Even the people who are full time studying aren't going nonstop all day, they'll break it up throughout the day.

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