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Looking for advice on how to best prepare for 2nd attempt

Kaleighns4Kaleighns4 Legacy Member
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I took the LSAT for the first time in September and didn't get the score I wanted, so I'm retaking in November. Does anyone have tips to help prepare for a 2nd attempt? Should I just study my weak areas and continue to take PTs? I want to make sure I am fully prepared the second time around. Let me know what you think!! :)


  • MissChanandlerMissChanandler Alum Member Sage
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    Hi! I am in the same situation. My goal is to score about five points higher than my September score. There are a few things that I'm doing:
    1) I'm trying to be really honest with myself about where I could have done better in my prep. I feel pretty good about my study habits, but I wasn't as good about making sure to do basic things like drink enough water every day and eat healthier and get as much sleep as I need, so this time around I'm going to make sure to hit all of those areas.
    2) Be realistic about my goals and expectations. Of course I would LOVE to improve by more than five points, but five is realistic for me and it's what I want/need for my goal schools.
    3) Foolproofing like crazy. My first time around I didn't have access to the LG bundle, so I foolproofed using PTs from the 40s-60s. This time I'm going through 1-35.
    4) Taking five section PTs. I was really really good about stimulating conditions with bubble sheets, timing, location, all that stuff, but I didn't do any five section PTs. I'm not sure if it hurt me or not on test day, but I think this time around I'll do at least a few five section tests leading up to the real thing.

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