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Doing well on drilling individual sections but doing poorly on PT! Need advice!

Coco_119Coco_119 Alum Member
in General 147 karma

So when i drill 1-2 sections at a time on older practice tests from 40-51, i average 0-3 wrong per section but on full PT i get -5 to -7 wrong per section? Has this ever happened to anyone? I feel like giving up sometimes.


  • gettysburggettysburg Alum Member
    126 karma

    It may be a stamina issue or having to quickly switch gears between sections. The more PTs you do, the better you'll get. You have the skills, you just need to get into the right groove.

  • Coco_119Coco_119 Alum Member
    147 karma

    thanks. I work full time so ive done only like 5 full PTs, always getting 163-165 on all of them. Just frustrated im stuck in this rut, i want to get to 170 so bad

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