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Should You List All Law Schools You Are Considering?

LLLL1111LLLL1111 Alum Member

Some law school applications ask, "Are you applying, or have you applied, to other law schools? If so, please list them." This questions is typically marked as optional within the "Law School Interest" section.

Should we disclose this information or leave it blank? What are the advantages/disadvantages of listing all or some of the schools to which we are applying?

Disclose School List or Leave Blank Response on Law School Apps
  1. Disclose or leave blank: "Are you applying, or have you applied, to other law schools?"16 votes
    1. Disclose your entire school application list.
    2. Leave this response space blank.
    3. List only target and reach schools.
    4. Lists only schools that are similar to or competitive with the school to which you are applying.


  • BamboosproutBamboosprout Alum Member
    edited October 2018 1694 karma

    I think in general, listing out the schools can only hurt you.
    For my case though, I think it doesn't hurt, at least not as much, because not one of the schools I'm applying to is comparatively more prestigious or difficult to get into than another, so no school will feel like they're being treated like a safety school or disrespected. And for me, the schools I'm applying to conforms to my story and career path, and have a certain rhyme or reason to them.
    I have a theory that they have a complicated equation that calculates how likely you will go to their school if they accept you based on what other schools you've applied to and a bunch of other data. So just be aware that they're likely using this info to play game theory and unless that school is your obvious top choice, and even if it is, listing out your school will likely hurt you.

  • NotMyNameNotMyName Alum Member Sage
    5320 karma

    Leave it blank when possible for any school which could be considered your safety.

  • LSAT_WreckerLSAT_Wrecker Member
    4850 karma

    I asked a school directly what they used this information for. "Yield protection" was the answer. I left it blank in all of my applications.

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