Feeling hopeless re Nov test: Froze during in person prep test - where should I go from here?

While I have seen a slow, but steady timed PT score while prepping, and I was only a few questions from meeting my goal score on previous timed, in person PTs, I just took an in person timed PT and completely froze after the first section, thinking I bombed it. Now I'm really shaken up and am not sure what to to do with just a few days left. Should I finish/retake this PT? Should I just drill? How much should I drill? Should I postpone the test? I feel utterly defeated and as though the months of prep didn't even make a difference.


  • cadebiyi1cadebiyi1 Alum Member
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    Don't let one bad test frighten you. It's your fear what led you to this score. Try not to stress as much. Trust me I know it's tough

  • MissChanandlerMissChanandler Alum Member Sage
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    Yeah, try to think of it as though you've gotten your goofs out and the test will go smoothly now. You can't let one bad day defeat you after months of hard work. That work is still there that you've done. I would just lightly drill, maybe do some timed sections. Don't agonize over this particular PT.

  • Prudenter DiscerePrudenter Discere Alum Member
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    Improve your mindset. You froze cause your thinking too much instead of just doing what is in front of you. Just have the mindset that every time you take a preptest, it is just another opportunity to do your best. And Nov test is just another opportunity to do your best. You can always have another opportunity. Don't raise the stakes. I would sign up for January or March test just for the sake of internalizing that it is just another test. Get lots of sleep. It is the last week before a test. Rest, relax, maybe do some really light review. But take care of self.

  • _oshun1__oshun1_ Alum Member
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    The last PT I took before the actual LSAT was one of my lowest scores. I didn’t review that test, just drilled random LR and RC and LG before the lsat. I took the real LSAT a few days after that bombed PT and ultimately I scored a couple points higher than my average. Just get ready for the lsat like it’s game day for a sport, get really pumped beforehand and know that all your training has prepared you. If your average is near your goal score then just take the test. If not then yeah postpone.

  • AudaciousRedAudaciousRed Alum Member
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    You literally have to finish the section, and completely reboot your head. The last section does not matter. The future sections do not matter. The only thing that matters is the question in front of you. You just have to learn how to be in the moment and keep focused on the task. It's hard, but definitely helps. A bad section -- a bad question -- can haunt you the entire time if you let it.

  • Rigid DesignatorRigid Designator Alum Member
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    I would suggest getting back on the horse. Doing nothing won't help (IMO) as you will simply focus on the recent poor performance. I would recommend being pro-active. Blind review the test that gave you problems, as this should give you the reassurance that you can do this!

    I'd then suggest building confidence with your remaining time. I used to do this by taking a full section of whatever gave me problems. I'd BR a new section, and after that I'd do a timed section. E.g. if I bombed an RC section I'd go back to the CC, revisit some core concept, BR a section of RC, then do a timed RC section.

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    @"Rigid Designator"@AudaciousRed @oshun1 @"Prudenter Discere" @MissChanandler @cadebiyi1

    Thank you all so, so much for the advice. I'm happy to report that after a week of drilling and some perspective I instilled some confidence. Now the wait..

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