Apply this cycle + next cycle? or just next cycle?!

Will it hurt my chances for next cycle if I apply for this cycle?!

I have a low uGPA ~3.2 but a great resume/story. (URM, military service, UC Berk) I'm thinking of taking the January 2019 LSAT but can also wait until June, but that'll be for next cycle.


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    Target schools?

    In regards to your reapplication question, that really depends on your results and individual school policies. If you get admitted and decide to reapply for whatever reason (e.g. "Goddamn it, my top choice's financial aid sucks... I think I can get a better package if I get a better score on the LSAT"), your chances will be low.

    I would wait until next cycle. Taking the January LSAT means that your application will be ready by late January at the earliest, which means that your application will be reviewed after literally thousands of other applicants had their shots at admission. Not to mention that if your application components are not ready, you will be waging a two-front war against them and the LSAT.

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    My 2 cents, I would wait until next cycle and blow it out of the water. Some thoughts:

    1 . Focus on the LSAT. When and only when you are PTing where you want to score, then schedule the actual test. Don't register for a date and try to force progress to meet that date.

    1. Start working on your essays now and give yourself months to review / refine them. Have all of your application materials ready to go and submit the day applications open for next year's cycle. That will put you in the best position possible.

    2. As a veteran, be careful not to overvalue how much you think your "story" will matter in an admissions decision. In my current admissions cycle, while most schools have paid lip service to the achievements I made in my 25 year military career, I have not seen that lip service result in any admission that my numbers would not have otherwise given me. I'm starting to see how it really is a just a numbers game, regardless of the "holistic" line all admissions offices put out there.

    Good luck!

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    As someone who applied late last year and is re-applying this year, I'd say you'd probably be better off to wait and just apply next year.

    I applied in late January and February of last year. I did get a couple of good offers, and also some waitlists that I think wouldn't have normally been a WL except for applying late. While there's not much harm in re-applying to schools that you were WL'd or rejected from, there is a big risk in re-applying to schools that accepted you.

    I decided it was best for me to take that gamble, because I wasn't totally sold on my 2 best options last year for an assortment of reasons. I haven't yet gotten my apps out (hopefully soon, ugh) so I can't report back on how the outcomes compare. But I know at the handful of schools that accepted me and I plan on re-applying to, I'm definitely taking a risk that they either don't accept me again or make me worse offers.

    So, with the information I have now, I wish that I had just waited. It would've been a little easier going into this next cycle not worrying about getting accepted twice in a row. But, it is what it is, and I'm in a position where I don't need to go to law school, so even if this cycle doesn't pan out either, I'll be fine. It's up to you to decide if you want to take that risk. If you're not in a rush, I'd wait. That also gives you more time to re-take the LSAT in case something happens and you don't get the score you're looking for in January.

    Good luck!

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