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Can't seem to get hold of LG..

docramanjotdocramanjot Free Trial Member
edited August 2013 in Logic Games 4 karma
Hi guys ,
I have been trying hard to improve upon my LSAT strategies for all sections and must say that have been able to do fair enough for LR and RC sections. But I am so tense as I can't happen to get most of my logic games correct. Honestly the only game I have improved is linear games, but rest all I tend to mess up in my head always, and even if I were to get it right I would take so much time that I would just be able to get through one of all 4. Please help I need serious advice on how to get hold of different types and master them. Your input is seriously appreciated. Thanks


  • KK Free Trial Member
    345 karma
    Did you finish going through the syllabus?
  • Jason BorerJason Borer Free Trial Member
    24 karma
    This is what made me go from -10 to -2,-1 on logic games in a month: Every day, make a commitment to do 4 logic games. Time them, and treat each game like you would a real PT. When you are done, watch the 7sage explanation for the game you just completed. If you missed more than 2, redo the game on the spot.

    After doing this for a while, games will be second nature. However, you have to make that commitment. There were some nights I went to bed at 3am because I still had to get through a game!
  • KK Free Trial Member
    345 karma
    Yeah just go through the syllabus. JY's fool proof method for LG is amazing.
  • Eric FuEric Fu Free Trial Member
    73 karma
    I'm having the same issue as OP, but weirdly with the more recent games (PT52+). I manage to finish up till half of the 4th game before time runs out. For some reason, I am beast while doing the Fool Proof Method (I usually require only 1 redo before I completely understand a game) and I was beast (-0) throughout PTs 40-52, but these newer games just seem so ... weird to me that it freaks me out and I end up wasting time just mulling. Upon BR I ace these newer games, though, but the kicker is how to beast them during the first iteration of new set of 4 games.
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