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How to convince yourself to move on?

Kimber77Kimber77 Alum Member
edited December 2014 in General 30 karma
Hi everyone,

I am sure most of us are anticipating the big day tomorrow... I know ideally I should be completely ready, and I feel good about the material but my final issue comes down to timing. I keep having moments when I am taking practice tests where I tell myself to move on but then I also tell myself that if I just had one more second I could figure it out. This tends to go on for a long time until I spend WAY too much time on a question, don't get much closer to answering it (or maybe I do but at a great cost) and I end up running out of time. This is especially true with reading comp and towards the beginning of sections when I tell myself I can make up for it later by just speeding up even more.

I know we are supposed to leave the harder questions for last. I really want to get most of the questions right though, and I have this fear that if I move on, I will never see that question again and it will take even more time later when I am going back to it to re- familiarize with what it is so I would lose even more time. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting out of this mindset?

I know I need to listen to that voice that tells me to move on but because of this fear and I guess because I'm stubborn and don't want to move on until I feel certain, because I know with enough time I'll get it, and then I don't move on and it really costs me later. On days when I do this I often don't even get to the last reading passage.

Another issue is if I DO get through things fast, for example on the games I might get through the first 3 games really fast and then all the sudden I have a ton of time and I relax and slow down, maybe reread the rules 3 times and play around with scenarios more than necessary. But the reason I had this time was actually because the first 3 games are easy and last is brutal and I didn't have time to relax. Then I run out of time again!

So ya I guess my question is what do other people do to force themselves to move on when they know they are supposed to even when that voice is saying, just a few more seconds and you'll get it? Specifically, do you think that it takes a lot of extra time to familiarize yourself with the question again if you wait to go back to it later? (Because that is my biggest mental block on why I don't move on.) How often do you guys look at your watch? Do you ever get lost in the test, forget to look at your watch and then mess up pacing? My internal clock kind of sucks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Good luck to everyone tomorrow, we have worked so hard and as long as we've tried our best and keep trying our best throughout the test... we can't regret anything! Plus we have had a major advantage with 7sage... this incredible secret that most people probably don't know about! So we are going to crush this tomorrow!! :)


  • harrismeganharrismegan Member
    2074 karma
    When you're at a question and you just think "I might not ever come back to it" think to yourself, "I might not get to the two or three or four questions at the end if I stay here, at this one question, for one more second". You can do it!
  • Luluc1234Luluc1234 Alum Member
    150 karma
    For Reading Comp, getting the right answer normally entails anticipating the right answer for local questions and quickly eliminating the wrong ans for global questions. If I don't get a sense of the right answer after the first read, my final answer after 2/3 mins of staring at the different options will probably be no better than a guess, unless of course I re-read big chunk of the passage. I may have gotten some of these questions right after long deliberation in past practices, but a lot times got them right for wrong reasons anyways. I might just have guessed and save the time! Good Luck!
  • K-MagnetK-Magnet Alum Member
    edited December 2014 283 karma
    Personally, I like the metaphor of low-hanging fruit. Why waste your energy climbing allllll the way up to the tippy top of the tree to get that one fruit when you have just as tasty, easier-to-grab fruits right next to you? Gotta conserve energy & KEEP MOVING ALONG.
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