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Does LSAC round up your score when reporting an average of your LSAT scores?

alicia32alicia32 Alum Member
in General 31 karma

I am wondering if anyone knows what LSAC will report to schools that take an average of your LSAT scores. The University of Alberta takes an average of all your exams, so I'm wondering if LSAC will round it up if your score averages out to something like ___.667.


  • drbrown2drbrown2 Alum Member
    2227 karma

    They send all your scores on record and law schools use the top score for admissions considerations. I’m not familiar with Canadian schools but I imagine Alberta just does it themselves if they truly average scores. Doesn’t make sense why they would. You could ask them.

  • alicia32alicia32 Alum Member
    31 karma

    Thanks for your reply @drbrown2. I called Alberta and they said that LSAC reports the average/calculates it.

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