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[Closed] March 2019 LSAT then June 2019 LSAT

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Good Morning 7 Sage Community,
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. As I am making my way through the core curriculum I am considering signing up for the March 2019 LSAT as a type of practice run/PT/get comfortable with the testing environment. I then plan on taking the June 2019 test as well. I am looking to apply in the Fall 2019 for enrollment in Fall 2020 and I want to give myself the best chance at scoring well. Obviously is things dont go as planned I do have the later 2019 tests which I am open to taking as well but the goal is to be in a position to apply early with a great score.

From listening to the 7sage podcasts I have ben hearing the common theme of if you are taking the lsat, plan on taking it more than once to be the most successful. And some of the most successful have taken it 3+ times in some cases.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this or experience in a similar way? Thanks again.

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  • LSAT_WreckerLSAT_Wrecker Member
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    FWIW and N=1. I took the test 3 times. The first time I sat I went in knowing I would not hit my target score (because of where I was PTing). I just wanted to "see" how the experience felt. Amazingly, the proctored test was exactly like my timed PT sessions, only with 50 complete strangers in a class room. If I could do it over, I would not have taken that particular test. I believe that if you are taking PTs in a structured environment, using and firmly adhering to the time limits and taking the 15 minute break, there is not any real "experience" that happens during an actual proctored test that significantly differentiates the real test from a PT. Schedule and take the LSAT when your PTs tell you that you are prepared to make your target score (typically by averaging 2-3 points higher on multiple, consecutive PTs).

    My advice would slightly change if you are a person overcome by debilitating test anxiety. In that instance, there may be some benefit with testing familiarity. However, for the majority of folks, I believe solid test preparation should overcome normal testing jitters.

    It sounds like you feel like your preparation will get you into your ideal state around June. I would target the June and July (basically a freebie due to the format change) tests and work your plan backwards from there.

    Good luck!

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    @LSAT_Wrecker Thank you for the insight I am defiantly one to try and test the experience of the actual test day. But I think more time spent on study/prep would allow me to feel the most confident regardless when I take it.

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