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March 2019 LSAT then June 2019 LSAT

Good Morning 7 Sage Community,
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. As I am making my way through the core curriculum I am considering signing up for the March 2019 LSAT as a type of practice run/PT/get comfortable with the testing environment. I then plan on taking the June 2019 test as well. I am looking to apply in the Fall 2019 for enrollment in Fall 2020 and I want to give myself the best chance at scoring well. Obviously is things dont go as planned I do have the later 2019 tests which I am open to taking as well but the goal is to be in a position to apply early with a great score.

From listening to the 7sage podcasts I have ben hearing the common theme of if you are taking the lsat, plan on taking it more than once to be the most successful. And some of the most successful have taken it 3+ times in some cases.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this or experience in a similar way? Thanks again.


  • Prudenter DiscerePrudenter Discere Alum Member
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    Take it when you are ready scoring above your target score by about 3 points. Depending on what you are aiming for, You can't really set a target date. Focus on being disciplined in your studies and you'll get there

  • keets993keets993 Alum Member 🍌
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    Yeah, it's good to plan to take it multiple times but only once you are ready. So taking march as a test run is good if you're scoring above/around your target score by then consistently. Some of those who've taken it more than 3 times have shared how they took one before they were ready and regret it.

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    @keets993 Thank you for the response. I think I would getting done the core curriculum around March so I wouldn't have much time to take many PTs I think. I do think taking the March test as a PT could also have more negative than positive affects depending how it goes.

  • salonpapassalonpapas Member
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    I've done both. I withdrew from the November test because I knew I wasn't ready for it and I thought long and hard and didn't want to deal with the undue stress so I didn't take that one. This was also the time that I knew I couldn't self-study anymore and signed up for Testmasters and we were doing a PT every Saturday.

    I just took the January test and although, I wasn't scoring at my target yet, I did it to get the nerves out of the way. I wanted to experience the test center, test day, etc. I'm really glad I sat for it. It really helped me mentally. Now I have a real idea of what I must do to improve my score (LG and timing in general).

    I am signed up for March and June LSAT. Hope this helps a little!

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    @salonpapas Thanks for the comment. Yeah I agree with your thought process in attacking the test and being comfortable in the test center environment for me is something I think is key. The idea of having been there done that before creates a level of comfort and chills nerves somewhat on an already intense experience.

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