based on my diagnostic, how long can i expect to acheive my goal of PT consistently in 174 + range ?

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hi all,

1)so while realistically speaking, my goal is to shoot for the highest score possible, my dream score would be 172 plus. given that I am able to put in 4-6 hours of studying 6 days a week, how many months might pt-ing in the 174 +range take to ensure that I can score 172 on test day? I don't plan on applying to take the test until at least November 2019, and my diagnostic was 140.
thank you!


  • brigittebrigitte Free Trial Member
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    I would expect it to take at least 3 years of committed studying.

  • eRetakereRetaker Free Trial Member
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    Different timeline for everyone, even if they have the same diagnostic scores. Just assume that it'll be a long process and start prepping.

  • paulmv.benthempaulmv.benthem Alum Member
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    I would direct you toward @eRetaker 's comment, along with the suggestion that you don't think to much about timelines until after you've completed the CC. Sometimes the movements is gradual from a 140 to a 170, other times it can have a few jumps along the way if something clicks well. Unless there's a very particular time constraint you're operating on, and thus you want to evaluate what sort of goal is realistic in that time range, I would avoid thinking about how long it will take to get a 172. Chances are that if that's the kinda score you're wanting, you have some pretty good schools/scholarships in mind, and thus it will be worth the time it takes.

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    I would recommend being patient in the process. The LSAT is a long, arduous process and like JY says, it can take a year of active studying (your timeline indicates 11 months, which is suitable, given your estimated input of 4-6 hours/day, 6 days a week, which does require an incredible amount of self-discipline)...You are also competing with the best and brightest type-A personalities in the world, who will put in the time and effort in their LSAT prep; some have gone through the 7 sage CC, power score and other review tools along with completing over 60+PT's with adequate blind review. Some gifted individuals get in the 170s on far less. How long it takes you to get in the 172+ range, depends on your work ethic, perseverance and unwavering commitment to improving your score. I would recommend simply committing to your stated goal of 4-6 hours a day, 6 days a week , for several months and hopefully you will get there in less time. Consistency is key. Best of luck!

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    Patience will definitely be a virtue as others have said here. I would like to add a note that if you are weak in RC then start working on that early with your other lessons. RC is typically the hardest to improve on. For me it is taking a long time to see substantial improvements in this section even though the other sections clicked much sooner. RC especially has taken patience and committment for me. Don't rush, trust the process, trust yourself, and ask for help :smile:
    Best of luck!

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