PTs 1 - 35 - Anyone focusing on these?

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Does 7Sage offer the older PTs with explanations? I assume they don't, but can someone please confirm?

Is anyone even going through the older PTs? If so, how are you getting through questions that you are stumped on? Is there a site or book that is similar to 7Sage that goes over the older PTs? I'm trying to figure out if it's worth my time to review them.

I should be done with all of the lessons by mid-January and should be PTing twice a week. Ideally, I'd like to do three tests one week, two the next, three the following, etc... 3-2-3-2. I think that might be too much, but if others have tried this, please let me know if it has worked for you. I want to incorporate older PTs with the newer ones.

I plan to take the exam in June and possibly in September (hopefully not :) ). I know it's going to be a tight schedule but I'm 100% ready.



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    Manhattan LSAT Forums have most of the explanations for the older PTs:
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    I use the older PTs for drills. You can buy them through Cambridge as questions divided by type. It's best to use 1-38 as drills to perfect your skills with those question types and use PT 39-current as actual PTs. Also, when PTing, you should spend more time doing BR than you do actually PTing, especially in the beginning. 7sage has a great explanation of how to BR
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    all these noobies ignoring ur first question :P <3 from what I know no 7sage does not offer explanations to the older PT's, though as stated Manhattan forums are a great resource for explanations! although people say how different newer PT's are from them they are still great practice and generally used for drilling question types and such as Mist stated with Cambridge packets
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    IMO, if you are aiming for June at the earliest, then PT'ing 2 or 3 times a week from mid-Jan might burn you out. I suggest really taking your time with all of the Lessons and drill LR and LG using the Cambridge Packets previously mentioned.
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    was really hoping you would pop in here @licknee10 :P
    top notch people responding here
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    TLS represent! I love how we all chimed in. We're so helpful :)
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    Everyone, thank you so much! :)
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