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test center issue: action?

2ndTimestheCharm2ndTimestheCharm Alum Member

I'm wondering if it would do any good to e-mail LSAC about the fact that at my center (CUNY LIC), we were forced to wait in a single-file line silently for an hour and a half before starting the test. The proctor said that the "new rules" stipulated that we had to write out the identity certification sentences on our admission ticket and sign and date them in front of her individually. Because of this we didn't begin until 2pm. Does this matter? It's hard to say how much if affected me, but I do know that I timed my morning perfectly in terms of a workout, meditation, breakfast, bathroom time...and this hour and a half delay was an enormous bummer that threw me off my game at least a little. If enough of us write in, would anything be done? Could it reflect poorly on me to complain? I guess it can't be done anonymously since it would be coming from my e-mail address? Any advice is appreciated.


  • PutABirdOnItPutABirdOnIt Member
    115 karma

    From what I’ve read, it seems the most that would happen would be that LSAC allows you to cancel your score (before seeing it) and schedule a retake. It seems like there were a fair amount of test centers that started late, so I almost wonder if LSAC would consider that to be par for the course.

  • bananabobananabo Core Member
    1205 karma

    I filed a complaint with LSAC a couple years ago because the door of my test room made a really loud humming noise and during the test, my proctors kept opening and shutting the door to make the noise stop because they knew that it was a distraction. I emailed LSAC and explained the situation and they replied back saying that they did an investigation on the issue, but because the proctor had marked the test room as "good", there was nothing that they could do and they just told me that I could cancel my score.

    My situation is a little different from yours, so I'm not sure what their response would be but from my experience, it seems that the most that they would do would be to allow you to cancel your score. I don't think that it would reflect poorly on you to file a complaint because it doesn't show anywhere on your LSAC account that you filed a complaint. For me, since I chose to cancel my score, the only thing that shows up under that test is "candidate cancel", so I'm assuming that that's what law schools see when you apply.

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