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NYU Law or Columbia Law

christori97christori97 Alum Member

Hi I'm considering applying for early decision asap (so october or earliest possible). My numbers aren't spectacular: 166 LSAT with 3.78 GPA, but the LSAT predictor says ill have about a 50% chance at NYU Law and like 23% Columbia. Now, my dream school is Columbia Law, but I would be happy with NYU Law as well. Which one should I apply for? Any advice?


  • CantStopWontStopCantStopWontStop Alum Member
    1270 karma

    Why not retake? I feel like those percentages are wrong (even if lsac quotes them). Applying early for early decision I don’t think makes a difference. So I would take the sept or possibly oct (if the oct test will count towards Ed). If something is your dream, i would encourage you to take the steps to have more than just a 1/4 chance. Especially since you have time. Good luck!

  • MIT_2017MIT_2017 Alum Member
    470 karma

    Just noting that I have heard from others that applying ED runs the risk of getting admitted at sticker price, since the law school has no need to grant you any $ since you must attend their school (or not attend law school at all).

    So my advice is probably to not apply ED at all.... but if you wish to, I'd say apply ED to Columbia. It's your "dream" school, appears to be a bit of a reach school, and seems like there's a much better chance of you paying full sticker price and not regretting it than if you were to do so at NYU.

  • UnicornFartsUnicornFarts Alum Member
    222 karma

    I don't think there is any advantage to applying ED to Columbia. The best possible plan for you is to retake and get a bit higher. I was on the lower 25th percentile and contemplating ED last year, but I'm glad I didn't apply ED. I also heard that they don't give you much $$ if accepted. I went with RD and also got aid at a few peer schools, so I was able to negotiate some money from them (about 80k). Columbia is SUPER stingy and the Financial Aid office is a nightmare to work with.

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