Bottomed Out in LG - Help!

CLambe02CLambe02 Alum Member
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Over the last 4 Tests, I have completely blanked out during the LG sections. Its like I can't make inferences anymore. I don't know why either and LG used to be a strong suit. Besides going over the games sections again, does anyone have any recommendations?


  • emli1000emli1000 Alum Member Inactive ‚≠ź
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    "PRINT OUT 10 COPIES" lol but seriously. I would take a week to just focus on LG. If you get any wrong follow the fool proof method and continue practicing!
  • RM112015RM112015 Member
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    I used to be in the same boat! It would take me 35 minutes to finish one game. The important thing is to just keep practicing. Look at JY's videos, they really help.
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