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Diagramming either or and either or but not both

pfjddreampfjddream Free Trial Member
edited January 2015 in Logic Games 24 karma
I understand the difference between either or and either or but not both

I am confused about the diagramming aspect and not sure if my way is correct

Either or (implies possibly both)

So, I think of this in negative terms (absence of a sufficient condition)

not A -> B
not B -> A

A -> may or may not have B (so AB is also possible)


Either or but not both

So, I think of this in positive terms (presence of sufficient condition)

A -> not B
B -> not A
In this case, there no other possibility (both AB can never be possible)

Is there a way to show this using double sided arrows or double not arrows? I am confused about that.

I know that double sided arrows (<-->) are used for biconditionals like "if and only if" and "if but only if"

and double not arrows (<-I->) are used for neither nor

Is my reasoning correct?

Somehow I think that I have gotten myself mixed up with all this conditional logic stuff

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