Please help - am I BR'ing correctly? Should I stop the curriculum I'm using for the 7Sage course?

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Hi, I am bombing PTs and still off from my BR goals. So far I've been studying ~10-20 hours a week since February and my PT average is about 156 and my BR is 165-167; I've been getting almost the exact same scores on PT and BR from May - August over 4-5 PTs and BRs. My goal is 170+ but I'm not seeing almost any improvement in my scores.

I went through Mike Kim's book which is good for getting the basics down but wasn't helpful in mastering LSAT logic. I started's LR program because I wanted to sharpen up my LR since it was so lacking. If I have time I plan on doing the 7Sage basic course after the Lawschooli LR program. Should I ditch the Lawschooli program for the 7Sage basic course (especially if I want to take the LSAT in November)?

My BR process is extremely slow but thorough. I have a template for LR and RC as follows.

My LR template is:
Q type and #:
Conditional statements:
What I predict the AC to be:
A. Then a thorough analysis of my understanding of each answer choice.

For RC I use the 7Sage memory method (which is awesome) and my template is:
Q# and type.
What do I understand the A to be from the passage?
A. Then thorough analysis of each answer choice.

I feel like I am learning a lot by going through BR so thoroughly. Regardless, on my last BR I got -8 and -6 on LR and I just about threw the book when I saw how many I missed (lol). I did even worse in PT with -10 and -9. I am feeling frustrated that something isn't working; does anyone with more experience have any advice? Should I stick with the super slow and thorough template-based BR process I'm using now? Can I raise my score significantly relying on various forums or do you all suggest a tutor?

Does anyone have any help? Anything is appreciated. Thank you :)


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    I was in the same boat and there is an eye-opening, earth-shattering webinar called the Post-Curriculum Strategies webinar here:

    It will clear the air for you and answer all of your questions I promise.

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    Lol reminds me of my breakdown during one of my semesters when I tore out all the pages of my textbook. Smh I ruined the resell value! True story.

    Ok, seriouisly:
    1. Do you know that you are getting the Qs wrong? If you do, its a start.

    1. Why are you making errors that you are making?

    - Is it poor identification of the question stem?
    - Is it carelessness/careless reading (like me!)? You can miss key words.
    - Is it going too fast?
    - Or is it because you have no idea what the question stem is taking about, so you give up, and pick the best AC? I do this sometimes.

    1. Are you able to narrow it down to one of the correct ACs? Try slowing down your reading pace. It is so easy to miss things.

    I say go back to every single question you got wrong and redo them, once you have forgotten it relatively enough. See if you learned why you went wrong. See if you remember your thought process.

    Another thing I do is I print all the questions I get wrong during my BR, and without looking at the anwsers, I redo them a few days later. I find this really helps. If i make the same mistake and cannot think it through, then I listen to the explanation.

    If you are having trouble with a certain question type, try drilling the most difficult questions of that type again.

    I feel like you do know your stuff well, since your BR score is quite high.

    I think maybe you need to take a small break, and relax, because I feel like frustration can make you underperform. You are really doing such a super job and your BR score is very high!

    Good luck, I hope this helped :)

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    @berathocam said:
    I was in the same boat and there is an eye-opening, earth-shattering webinar called the Post-Curriculum Strategies webinar here:

    It will clear the air for you and answer all of your questions I promise.

    Awesome thanks a ton!!!

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    Lolo1996 thanks for your comment!! That sucks about the book haha. I feel like most of us have probably had a study / school-related breakdown at some point!!

    That's great advice about printing off the questions I missed during BR and re-doing them a few days later I'm definitely going to implement that.

    I wasn't being clear enough on why I missed Q's in BR, I'd write out an explanation but not really understand how my thought process was going wrong. Currently I use Lsathacks, ManhattenLSAT and Powerscore forums to help see where I went wrong. The cost of the 7Sage videos is a little prohibitive.
    I'm implementing this part of your advice as well into my template (above).

    Thanks so much!!!!! I feel a lot better now, I have a clearer way forward.

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    The Starter course helps make 7Sage more affordable and you can do a free trial membership if you want to. No pressure, but it's great on here.

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