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Is it possible to get in T14 with a 3.5 GPA?

alexandracao94-1alexandracao94-1 Alum Member

I am taking my first LSAT this Sep. and I feel pretty confident about it. The biggest issue for me right now is my 3.5 undergrad gpa with finance and accounting major from Clemson University. My question is: is it still possible for me to get in T14 law school if I do well on my LSAT?


  • cooljon525-1-1cooljon525-1-1 Alum Member
    917 karma

    I've seen some 2.8 and 2.9's get into T-14 with a high lsat score

  • lsatgodjklsatgodjk Alum Member
    938 karma

    Yes, there are many schools that are considered "splitter-friendly" which means that they accept students with very high LSATS (above their 75th percentile LSAT), and low GPAS (below their 25th percentile LSAT).

    Northwestern University in Chicago is rank #10 and has accepted applicants with sub 3.0 GPAs and an LSAT score at about 169+

    UVA in Virginia is also has been known to do this, granted, both schools may require some work post graduate work experience.

    On the other hand, if your gpa is lower than their 25th, some schools will still ding you. I've heard that Boalt has denied an individual with a 3.44 GPA and a 177 LSAT (yikes)

    Good luck! (FWIW, I personally think 3.5 is a great gpa)

  • BranTwiceBranTwice Alum Member
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    I would use one of the online GPA calculators that give you your LSDAS GPA before trying to determine the LSAT score you'll need to gain entry into a T14 school. Some GPAs go up, and others (like mine) drop. Like @cooljon525 said, I have also seen people below 3.0 gain admission to schools like Northwestern and Virginia. Also, a 3.5 isn't bad at all. If you want to get a decent gauge on the type of score you need to get in to a given school, go to, choose a school, and look at the graph. The data there can give you a rough idea of what you'll need to do.

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