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How does your study day/week look like?

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So right now - just in the midst of restarting my academic semester. This summer has been killer for me school & work wise. I have been studying. However, unfortunately my studying time took a huge impact.

So just wanted to know - especially from those who put in consistent hours per day/week - how do you do that? what are some tips and tricks look like? how many questions do you a day? do you focus on section per day to be more effective or do you do a mix (LR/LG/RC)?

Trying to structure my day as follows:
- to study from 7am - 12pm (solid study time - no phone, no netflix and youtube) , so that the rest of the day i can work on my masters program, head to work, etc.
- trying to do at least 1 timed section per day
- not sure if i should focus on one section (like focus on lg/lr/rc) or to do a mixed

going to post a picture of my schedule tomorrow and see what others think. but until then, just wanted to know how the real go getters get it done.

thanks in advance for the help.


  • TuakuHijTuakuHij Alum Member
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    On weekends, I have one-hour lunch breaks at work, I use the full hour to eat within 20/25 minutes and then do a timed section or blind review while eat for the full hour. After work, instead of going home (because I know I'll start eating or cooking and watching Netflix, I head to the library for an hour - then get home and handle evening business. After dinner, I usually study from 8/9 to 10/11. On weekends, I either do a full PT or focus on my practice on question types/sections I'm weak in and combine blind review.

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    thanks ... how do you hold yourself accountable if i may ask?

  • TuakuHijTuakuHij Alum Member
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    I deleted social media apps, I carry something that pertains to the LSAT with me every day (a practice test or a problem set) when I feel lazy but I know I should be doing SOMETHING, I will practice a logic game. I find that even when I start working on a few problems, I lose track of time by getting deeper into practice. Once you do it enough, it starts to become habitual.

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