In desperate need of words of wisdom - when to take test?

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Hi all.

I am in a bit of a situation and I’m hoping I can hear some advice from people in the same boat as me (and understand this test and what it all means) because it’s not always super helpful to talk to friends/family who don’t really understand (even though they’re really supportive! - you know what I mean).

I took the LSAT once in June, and I scored in the range below my personal target range (which will get me into the schools I want). Wasn’t bummed about my score but wasn’t ecstatic or anything. Summer happened, and I was burnt out from studying so I didn’t put that much effort this second time around. My upcoming test is Sep 21. I don’t feel horribly about it, but I just don’t think it’ll be THE improvement I need in order to get into my target schools.

That being said, what should I do? Go on with the Sep exam and see how it goes? Don’t take the risk and withdraw and take it again later? The biggest conflict right now is that if September doesn’t go as well as planned, I am currently in a one-year intensive Masters program and also conducting research.
Granted, I have a bit of flexibility in my schedule (the program/work load/time commitment is manageable, but nonetheless still a graduate program), and squeezing in test prep would make my schedule FULL. And hectic, lol.

Should I take it in two weeks? In a few months? Or after I graduate from my program in May (I’m worried that’s too big of a break from studying)? Ah!

Thanks for reading. And I wish you all the very best of luck in this stressful but hopefully worthwhile journey.


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    I would check with the schools you are interested in applying to. I am nervous that I am not ready for the September 21 exam but the school of my choice reassured me that they do not combine the scores. They take the higher one and are a bit more "forgiving" in a sense. I was debating whether or not to do it in September but I thought it would at least be good practice for the electronic exam. I also have November 25 booked and that is the exam I will be prepared for. I decided to go ahead since it will not negatively influence my application to my school of choice.

    FYI I am working full time, taking part-time paralegal studies, volunteering, and planning a wedding that is two weeks after the September 21 LSAT LMAO. I am finding time. Hermitting but finding time. You can do it! I am waking up at 5 am and studying before work, studying after work, and mostly on weekends. Why am I doing this again? hehehe

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    If you have had no time/interest due to burnout in studying, I wouldn't think September's test will turn out well. This sounds a lot like my second attempt. I got busy with school, and figured "well, I paid for it.. might as well see". Everything that day told me how wrong I was, and that I should have cancelled. But I didn't because I figured there was no harm in seeing. Maybe I got lucky (no one ever gets lucky like that). It was one point worse than my first attempt.
    At that point, I put my energy into school, because it was just too much for my brain to rock a heavy school schedule and study properly for the LSAT. Delayed a year and was the best decision I could make. Kept light and more intense study of individual questions, and ramped back up after graduation. Scored 1 point shy of my ultimate goal in July, and I'm onto admissions now (so far, one acceptance, one interview, and waiting on others to process and decide).
    TL;DR: Skip a year, rock school, study and keep it fresh as you can (highly recommend in depth study), and then hit the LSAT study hard after graduation when your schedule and mind is clear.

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    take a preptest 5 section- good environment a week before it to see how to do. lsat lets to cancel or reschedule the night before. a practice test a few days before will likely be your score +-2/3 points.

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