No room number on my ticket - is this normal?

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I'm taking the LSAT a week from today in Chicago (Loyola). My ticket's now available, and it just lists the address of the building - no room number or anything. Those who have taken it before, are there usually just signs / instructions at the security desk? Or do other locations list the room number?

I'm planning to call LSAC when their offices reopen on Monday, but I'm feeling nervous and wondered if anyone here had any experience they could share.


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    If the test center is at a university they will probably have more than one room to divide up the test takers. Try to get there early to check out the signs and so you have enough time to warmup after you figure out where you need to be.

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    Thank you, @drbrown2!

  • Hello @aisling, did you call lsac cuz i was wondering the same thing?

  • DivineRazeDivineRaze Alum Member
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    @aisling That means you won the LSAC GOLDEN TICKET! VIP you can go wherever you want, thats rare. JK lol I hope you figure it out! Good luck!

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    Yeah. That's pretty normal. I don't think any of mine had room names on the ticket. Just get there a bit early and find out where it is.

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    @bhathalmaninderjit I did! They confirmed that the security desk will direct us.

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    This happened to me. I was freaking out, as no building was even listed.
    I took it at a small university 90 min away that I had never been to.

    I contacted the LSAC a week out and the registrar's office. Once I emailed them, a location appeared on my ticket and they responded.

    It'll be ok, just stay relaxed and know you're far more prepared than most people.

  • Both times I've taken it they didn't assign us a room until we got there.

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