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Did anyone have tablet or test center issues for the first digital test? What to do

_iamnw96_iamnw96 Alum Member
edited September 2019 in Test Center Reviews 437 karma

I took my test at American University (School of Law), and I was so surprised at how disorganized everything was. We weren’t even close to being seated at 8:30 am because they were still trying to figure out the tablet and wouldn’t let us in, and when we finally got into the room, they handed everyone their tablets one by one (there was like 40-50 of us so it took forever) and then their seating chart was messed up so it caused even more delays.
We started a full two hours late. IMO this is forgivable for the July exam (due to the special conditions and people knowing they would potentially walk into something like that), but not forgivable for a normal test where all the kinks should’ve been worked out and the proctors should’ve been trained properly.

We started at 10:30 am and many of us were fatigued from the anxiety of the last two hours. To make it worse, the proctor didn’t say “start”, he just started the exam and we all looked down and saw the timer going and panicked. (Someone yelled out “you can’t just start the exam without telling us”) but we all carried on, but it was so frustrating and just sad.

Should I report this to the LSAC? I really think the disorganization, lack of competence on the proctors’ part with the tablets resulting in a two hour delay, was a detriment to a lot of people.


  • elainevillanuevaelainevillanueva Alum Member
    edited September 2019 12 karma

    I had a similar experience with today’s LSAT at CUNY Law and I am thinking about reporting the incident. The proctor had a difficult time scanning the tablets, we were assigned to different seats than were shown on the tablet, the proctor began reading instructions as the test started. We had to tell the proctor that the test began and they seemed confused. It seemed very disorganized overall. There were no clear instructions given to us about filling out the survey, moving onto the certifying statement and watching the tutorial. Everyone in the room was on a different screen and the proctor seemed lost as we asked questions about what to do next.

  • _iamnw96_iamnw96 Alum Member
    437 karma

    @elainevillanueva yes I think we should file complaints. Honestly, just because they had done it once before in July doesn’t mean they’re experts. I think the first three testing dates with the digital should be considered the experimental/guinea pig groups, because it takes time to get used to the new system. And today, it was clear that they still didn’t understand the system. And that becomes a huge disadvantage to us, the test takers, as if taking the LSAT wasn’t already an incredibly stressful experience.

  • My test center also started late (we started at 9:30am). If many of us file complaints, do you think they might let us see our score and then cancel like the July test? (fingers crossed)

  • jayp1011jayp1011 Alum Member
    76 karma

    @MichaelScottRegionalManager Let's hope so! I've filed my complaint.

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