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As I move on to Reading Comp core curriculum, how should I stay up on LG and LR?

Durt CobainDurt Cobain Alum Member
in General 54 karma

Curious your guys' opinions. I've just been going straight through the core curriculum. Anybody have tips for staying up on games and logical reasoning? I take a PT minimum once every other week. Should I be doing past core curriculum problem sets of LG and LR as well? Or should I be doing fresh problem sets from the question bank? Or neither, focus on Reading Comp., and keep taking my periodic PTs?


  • Durt CobainDurt Cobain Alum Member
    edited September 2019 54 karma

    I should add that I took the June test, and got a 160 but my studying was almost all on my own. I have made tremendous strides thanks to 7Sage, but my point here being that I already have a more than decent grasp on the test, I just don't want to lose those strides I have made up to this point.

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