Still struggling to decide whether or not to cancel Saturday's test -- any ideas??

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A bit of backstory. I took the July test and got a 165. Since I am aiming for T14 schools, I wanted (and expected) something a few points higher. I took the September test and fear that I absolutely bombed the LG section. Everything else was fine, but I guessed on at least half of the LG questions. Although I didn't leave anything blank.

Originally, I was planning on cancelling this September score and taking my chances with my 165 (and applying by the end of September). I have a very high GPA, so at least I have that going reverse splitter thing going for me. After reading some people's posts, however, I am wondering if I should wait to see if some kind of miracle happened, or if the curve is super generous (seems unlikely to me).

There would be very little harm in doing this if I knew FOR SURE that law schools (even the T10 and HYS) do not average your score. I feel like I still don't have a clear answer on this specifically. I was also wondering if it would look bad if I got a much lower score on my second test attempt, since I think admissions officials expect to see some improvement with multiple retakes.

So, long story short: cancel and resign myself to 165, or wait to apply on 10/14, hoping for a miracle?

Thanks for your thoughts.


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    Same here! Did you make your decision? I would say it depends on how you felt about other sections? Although admissions say they don't average the scores but I know they do pay attention on the trend and number of tests you took.

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