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A way to quickly recognize when to make a chart in LG.

EveryCookCanGovernEveryCookCanGovern Alum Member
in Logic Games 401 karma

I struggled with figuring this out when I first started doing logic games so I hope it helps. If it's a grouping game where we are told each element within one category of elements must be played "at least x amount" (or some equivalent statement, and generally it will be 'at least once') it can be made into a chart. This is because with 'at least' there is no limit on how many times each individual game piece can reappear, making them not unique.


  • Hey thanks for the info! Do you have certain specific games that you could point to that exemplify this?

  • EveryCookCanGovernEveryCookCanGovern Alum Member
    edited October 2019 401 karma

    Sure. This occurs on every chart game, now called group-repetitive games on the question database. Lets take the first 5 chart games we are given within the database coming from PTs 4, 8, 12, 28, 35.

    PT 4 G2: "each of the 5 illnesses is characterized by at least one of the symptoms."

    PT 8 G4: "each of the organisms responds to at least one of the antibiotics."

    PT 12 G3: "each [person] buy at least one kind of food from the vendor"

    PT 28 G4: "each researcher will learn at least one language."

    PT 35 G2: "each car is equipped with at least one of the features."

    And so it goes on.

    If you look at the chart game for PT 14 however it doesn't have an at least statement, however I'd argue that this game isn't really a chart game. Despite elements repeating (the sports), it's one-to-one-to-one mapping: one person receives one sport for every one season. This is shown from the fact that the game set up shown on the explanation video isn't even a chart as we are used to them being but just a double layered grouping game. Charts encompass some uncertainty in terms of how many receiver slots are going to be filled in for the receiving elements, which is why when doing charts we leave blank spaces open to anticipate some new rule or inference that will decide what happens to it. This doesn't exist for the game on PT 14, as we know for each person every season it's just going to be one sport.

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