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Study Abroad Transcript: Check if it's an accredited American university!

Celina BontigaoCelina Bontigao Alum Member
edited November 2019 in Law School Admissions 9 karma

Hello everyone! I just wanted to take this time to share my experience regarding study abroad transcript so hopefully you won't have to go through the same frustration. This is a very long story but I hope it gives some guidance.

I submitted my transcript to LSAC September of this year. I ignored it for a while and focused on arranging my school list, working on my personal statement, getting LORs, etc. It wasn't until October when I noticed something wrong. On my transcript tab, it said "1 of 2 transcripts received." Listed under the missing transcript was University of Richmond so I thought that they were referring to the school I did my summer study abroad. I called LSAC and asked if I needed to submit my transcript from my study abroad even though it was only for the summer. I was told yes, however, the answer didn't set right with me because I remembered specifically not having to because it was for less than a year.

On the LSAC website, it reads:
"Do NOT have a transcript sent from an international institution IF your bachelor’s degree is from a US, US territory/associated state, or Canadian school, and

the total amount of work you completed at all international institutions combined is equal to or less than the equivalent of one year of undergraduate study in the United States, its territories/associated states, or Canada, or
your work was completed through an overseas study program that was clearly sponsored by a US, US territory/associated state, or Canadian school. In this case, the transcript must be sent by the sponsoring school."

I called again to clarify because obviously, I was getting different answers. While on the call, I was assured that I did not need to send in my transcript because it was for less than a year. Also, there was a confusion because I attended Richmond University in London and NOT University of Richmond in Virginia. They said that they will make the correction.

A week passed and I still saw U of Richmond on my transcript tab. I called LSAC again. Apparently, on my undergrad transcript it said transfer credit from "RICHMOND UNI" and so whoever handles transcripts at LSAC just put U of Richmond. Great! Problem solved. No, not quite. Turns out that Richmond University in London is an accredited American school so I did still have to send in a transcript! I ordered them right away but I'm afraid that it will not get processed fast enough to meet the early decision deadline for the school I am applying to.

Long story short, if you studied abroad at an accredited American school, you still have to send in your transcript no matter how long you went there. Also, you have to keep bugging LSAC and sometimes it takes three to five calls in order to reach any solutions.

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