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LSAC did not update UGPA

erickruiz562erickruiz562 Free Trial Member
edited December 2019 in General 5 karma

Hey everyone,

So I recently just won a battle with my old community college to change my grade from an F to a W after five years, due to a misunderstanding with the professor years ago. Yeah WOOO! but I sent in a new transcript and they just added them together but did not remove the F grade? It says they processed it but my UGPA or units did not change? Anyone have any experience with this? The Transcripts are the same it just reflects a new W instead of F on the new one, yet the Summary Report does not reflect that?

Freaking out kind of!!

My UGPA was effected by the F by a .15 decrease.


  • LSATcantwinLSATcantwin Alum Member Sage
    13286 karma

    I'm sorry. The LSAC is an absolute dumpster fire, especially in GPA calculations. They don't even understand their own policies, let alone the policies of all the different undergrad institutions.

    You can try calling them, but don't expect them to be very helpful. I spent hours on the phone with them with a similar problem and it ended with them changing their entire policy instead of changing my transcripts.

    The good news is, with a high lsat and some time and distance from that GPA, SCHOOLS will be able to look past it. Write an addendum and explain why this grade change happened. Be proactive, do not rely on the LSAC; they are there to make money, not help.

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