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Incorrectly Registered for Make-up Exam?

asarmousasarmous Alum Member

I took the November 2019 LSAT last Monday the 25th at John Marshall Law School in Chicago. Everything seemed fine; we all completed the test and were in and out in about 4 hours. Nothing went wrong with the test center or the tablets as far as I'm aware. Yesterday afternoon, I received an email from LSAC with the subject line "LSAT Test Center Reassignment." The email says that since I was unable to take the test I registered for, my make-up exam will occur this Sunday Dec 8th at John Marshall Law School (same test center as before). I checked my LSAC account and it, too, says that I'm registered for the December 8th LSAT and that I can print my admission ticket. I've tried calling LSAC multiple times and every time I've been on hold for over an hour because all of their lines are busy.

Has this happened to anyone else over the past couple days? I'm so confused as to why LSAC thinks I was unable to take the exam on the scheduled date. I already spent a lot of time and money traveling to Chicago for last week's exam, and I'll be in a really tough spot if I have to re-take it this Sunday.


  • RealLaw612RealLaw612 Member
    1094 karma

    This happened to me last Thursday. LSAC responded to my puzzled e-mail saying since I was able to take the exam I wasn't "eligible" for a retake (good deal, LSAC, I didn't want one!)
    However, like you, I am still scheduled for a retake according to my LSAC account and it has me worried that they won't score my November exam. I'd love to know if anyone has anything more definitive.

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