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Good weekly study schedule-Any advice?

BDashnyam17-1BDashnyam17-1 Member
edited September 2013 in General 18 karma
For someone who has finished the 7sage lessons and is about to start the PTs, what would be a good weekly study schedule? I recognize that taking as many PTs, BR-ing them and training yourself under the time constraint is key to doing well. I have read some posts where people say average 2 PTs per week with a break in between. Let's say I am preparing for the December LSAT. I also work full time. Any advice would be highly appreciated.


  • Eric FuEric Fu Member
    73 karma
    Personally, for the last three months I would complete a PT once every 2 or 3 days. The breaks issue is really up to your personal outlook/psychological needs (never forget the LSAT is as much a psychological test as an analytical/logical one). On the days I don't take a PT I am either reviewing them again after my BR (which I did the same day I took the PT) or I am drilling 20-30 games (old and modern mixed together alternating with games sections from PTs I recently took, but was not satisfied that I did fast enough) or 16 old RC passages in one sitting.
  • BDashnyam17-1BDashnyam17-1 Member
    18 karma
    Thanks, Eric! Very helpful. I will adjust my weekly study plan accordingly.
  • E.T.90066-1E.T.90066-1 Alum Member
    377 karma
    wow. I am still at 43%! I can't wait to finish up.
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