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Cell Phone

vichinskyvichinsky Live Member

Has anyone brought their Cell Phone to the LSAT how strict are they this year compared to others.


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    Yo will be vulnerable to being thrown out or worse. Absolutely not allowed.

  • taschasptaschasp Alum Member Sage
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    Technically I’ve heard of people having their phone in their pocket through the exam and not having an issue, but I would strongly advise against doing that because it’s really not worth the risk—a violation could end up on your record and at the very least you’d waste the entire sitting.

  • umich101umich101 Alum Member
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    Can't tell you one way or another & certainly don't endorse breaking the rules ... but I had a major center issue for the Nov test that if I had my phone & was able to get the communication of the new location, I would have sat and not had to wait now until next week to finally take it. But it is explicitly stated not to have the phone on you or in the room

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    Look at the rules at the LSAC sign up site. I must emphasize that it states it is not allowed to have any electronic gear at all. People may "slip" it in but it will cost you if discovered. It is a foolish risk. This ban exists during the breaks as well. If you have a phone in an area outside the test room and you access it on one of the breaks it will also expose you to being tossed out at a minimum, and probably more, given the appearance of attempting to sidestep the rules by storing it out of the room. Very bad idea.

  • Lolo1996Lolo1996 Member
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    I brought mine with me since it was my ticket back home, all 4 times I wrote. After all, I need to Uber back home since the tests are administered in the middle of nowhereland. I just asked the supervisors to hold on to it for me. They were ok with that. I turned my phone completely off. Had no other electronics. Most other students around me also brought theirs.

    The other times I wrote, at the hotel, I just gave it to the concierge. They write your name on a post-it and keep it for you. Just remember to retrieve it.

    If i were you, i would absolutely not keep it in your pocket, because if you are caught with it you could probably land into a lot of trouble.

  • vichinskyvichinsky Live Member
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    Thank you for all your feedback guys

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    I saw an individual thrown out because of that issue. Read the rules. There is no question here.

  • vichinskyvichinsky Live Member
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    Yea i actually found a place to hold my stuff near the testing center.

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