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Is it worth it to apply to a regional school in Mid March or wait till beginning of new cycle?

Is it worth it to apply to a regional school in Mid March or just wait 7 more months to apply with the same scores/gpa and application at the beginning of the cycle? For the regional schools I want to apply to I am 1-3 points under the LSAT 25th percentile and right at the GPA 25th percentile for the schools.

At the moment I want to apply at as many schools as possible to have a lot of options but I feel rushed with the incoming deadlines and I am worried that I am doing my self a disservice with my app numbers (LSAT and GPA) by applying this late and I realistically might only have the chance to apply to max 3 schools this cycle as opposed to the planned 6. Regardless, I have my LOR's ready, resume ready, I am currently on my second draft of my PS and still crafting my diversity statement/adenda/optional essays.

Is it realistic to think that if i apply as early as possible I might get a better shot at $$$ and a chance a getting into schools that would probably reject me If i applied late mid march?

What should I do?


  • taschasptaschasp Alum Member Sage
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    You can always apply, see what happens, and then apply again next year if you don't like the results you get this cycle. A lot of people do that and get into schools they were formerly rejected from. It may even increase your chances over applying just this cycle because it shows your determination.

    If you can take the LSAT again and get closer to (or above) the schools' medians, then even better for next cycle.

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