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Looking for dedicated online study partner for March 30 2020 LSAT (EST Time Zone)

johnwang2018johnwang2018 Core Member

I've been scoring 165-169 for the past month and I'm trying to change how I approach studying to score in the 170s.
My splits usually are -4 LR / -2 or -3 LG / -3 RC
Anyone scoring similarly want to team up?


  • seh136seh136 Member
    22 karma

    Hello, I would be down to team up! Scoring in high 160s / low 170s and need to be in the solid 170s for March 30

  • lexxx745lexxx745 Alum Member Sage
    3190 karma

    im down to team up as well. Im pretty much always high 160s with a few low 170s and a few mid 160s

  • johnwang2018johnwang2018 Core Member
    42 karma

    Sent you guys messages :D

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