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Necessary assumption questions: How to not choose the sufficient assumption answer choice?

turtlesolturtlesol Alum Member

When answering necessary assumption questions in LR, how do you not fall for the trap answer choices that provide a sufficient assumption? I am finding that when given a SA answer choice, I will often select it.

Thanks in advance!


  • DivineRazeDivineRaze Alum Member
    550 karma

    @solkahn SA->Conclusion->NA : to not get duped ask yourself if the overall conclusion of the argument IS true does that specific answer choice HAVE to be true. If it HAS to be true then thats your answer, if it doesn't then its not. Sufficient assumptions prove the conclusion 100% true is the most ironclad answer choice you can find for that purpose. The correct NA answer choice doesn't need a powerful answer like SA answers.

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