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New to Studying for LSAT: What tests to order?

WhimsicalWillowWhimsicalWillow Yearly Member
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I am new to studying for the LSAT. Where is everyone ordering them from? What do I use as "drills" and what to I save for taking as a practice test? Thank you.


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    Hi and welcome! If you can I would purchase one of 7Sage’s new course packages that are being released soon which includes the digital exams. One thing I love about 7Sage’s course is how it is structured in a way that saves the most recent exams for you to use as PTs after you learn the basics and drill the strategies on older material. I have used other prep test companies such as PowerScore and I don’t recommend them because they do the opposite. They pull a lot of their teaching material from a lot of different exams and some are pretty recent. So when I take a PT I often run into a few problems I’ve seen before. But 7Sage is careful to preserve as much as they can so the exams are fresh. The benefit you get out of this is that you will have more PTs you can take to see how you are scoring and you can use the more recent exams for practice as you are closing in on your actual test date. 7Sage is also the only course I’ve used that gives clear directions on how to study after you finish the CC along with having a very supportive forum!

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