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I have 14 PrepTests I can take before my June 8th test date; which ones should they be?

olgalsatolgalsat Alum Member
in General 158 karma

74 - 88 (Most recent)?


Others you think are quite valuable? Mixture of any between 1 - 88?


  • The Great White SharkThe Great White Shark Alum Member
    1058 karma

    How likely is it that you will take the LSAT again? If there is no chance then I would go ahead and use up the most recent exams. But if you think you may take it again then I would preserve at least 5 recent exams from 70+.

  • Tempore NovissimoTempore Novissimo Alum Member
    103 karma

    I would suggest just go chronologically starting at 74 and then your last two prep tests can be the two most recent tests you have. i also agree with The Great White Shark in that you should also strategize for any future tests you have. Also, don't forget to BR and drill and not only do prep tests.

    Good Luck!

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