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Reading Comprehension reading practice

sheridjwsheridjw Alum Member

I see a lot of people suggesting various magazines and pieces of fiction to read that contain the dense and complicated language similar to that of RC passages. Would printing out already used RC passages and just practice reading those be just as effective if not more so? Has anyone else done this and seen improvements from it? Thanks in advance for your feedback!


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    Yes, I have found consistently practicing RC passages to be very helpful, if not the most significant factor to improving in RC. I find repeats to be helpful too. But unless you are scoring fairly well to begin with I don't think this is enough. For one thing, reading outside of the LSAT can help you become familiar with potential topics they may put in future tests. I have also found great benefits in reading material that is more difficult than what's in RC so that the passages in RC seem easier. And then there are benefits from reading easier, "fun" books that you are sincerely interested in as this can help you maintain a good reading speed.

  • sheridjwsheridjw Alum Member
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    Ok great, thanks for the response and helpful tips once again!

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