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New to 7Sage, previously prepped with TM, help with study schedule

Slowly-but-surelySlowly-but-surely Core Member
in General 19 karma

hello there! I'm new to 7sage and have strictly been following the 7sage course schedule. I prepped with TM in January up until April, so I am familiar with the LSAT format and can anticipate the LR, LG questions. Nonetheless, I am putting aside the TM mentality and focusing on what 7sage recommends. I really want to improve my RC. With TM I had been doing 2 to 3 RC on a daily basis, however, with 7sage am unsure how to proceed.

Any tips? Does everyone just follow the course schedule or do you jump ahead? When do you do the practice tests?

Thank you in advance!!


  • legallyconfusedlegallyconfused Alum Member
    edited May 2020 350 karma

    Hey! I prepped with TM too from January up until March! Wow! I started 7sage before TM and I just went down the syllabus. I found the LG section most helpful by doing that section in the syllabus, but also by taking timed PTs or sections and then watching the 7sage videos after. With RC, 7sage uses a "low resolution" strategy, which is somewhat helpful.I have not finished that entire section of practice passages because I don't want to waste parts of tests at this point. TM did not really give me any "Ah-Ha" moments when learning RC. I would love to hear if you learned any though! I am getting -2 on LG and around -3 on LR. RC I get -6 which just kills my score. I'll message you! :)

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