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Struggling to study for the LSAT during this COVID-19 lockdown :'(

fruitjamfruitjam Member
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Hi everyone,

Sorry for the heavy topic while most of you are stressed, but if anyone has advice for me, I would appreciate it. If you feel uncomfortable with mental health, I would stop reading here :) Thank you for clicking on the post anyways.

I have struggled with depression for a few years. A couple of weeks before COVID, I discovered a study routine that works for me (for university and LSAT) after months of figuring things out. Then, the pandemic hit and I was confined to a tiny apartment with my family. I am having such a hard time focusing, let alone motivating myself to study. I don't even have my own desk here (I used to live in a dorm). Who knew not being able to go to a cafe or library would be this devastating?? Plus, I'm always tired and I just feel... burnt out. The last two weeks have consisted of me playing Stardew Valley while internally stressing about the LSAT, telling myself that I was just giving myself a break. This week, the pressure hit hard and I have tried to study, but I just... don't want to?

I took the LSAT last year and did miserably because my mental health was not great and I did not study much. However, this year, I WAS motivated and now... I'm just not. I'm signed for the July test, but honestly, I just feel so unprepared (hitting high 150s, when my goal is 165+) and the stress is getting to me. I feel like I can't even explain to my parents that I want to reschedule because I "used my depression card" last year to explain my score and I feel like I can't use the same "excuse" this time because they'll think I haven't learned from my past mistakes. So, I know some people will say to reschedule, but that's just not an option for me.

I know COVID is impacting a lot of people right now, with some losing their jobs and family members... it's hard on anyone. So if you are struggling, I feel for you.

Any tips, even if you don't struggle with depression, with motivation, concentrating, etc. would be appreciated.

Hope everyone stays healthy and happy.
Thanks for reading this long post :)


  • lsatplaylistlsatplaylist Alum Member
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    Please give yourself a break and don't feel bad. Our health and that of our friends and families comes first. The test will follow.

  • avanavfakavanavfak Alum Member
    edited May 2020 28 karma

    Hello! First and foremost you are not alone in any of this. :) I have struggled with anxiety and have struggled having to stay inside as well. I also am shooting for 165+ and am still scoring high 150s and my test is in June! There is always time & ability to improve, believe in yourself. I totally understand you not wanting to reschedule, I rescheduled twice due to anxiety. But you're not playing the "depression card", mental health is a real thing and if you feel you need yo reschedule don't close yourself off to that option. Some things that have really helped me:

    -If you're able, talk to a therapist via telehealth. Therapists are so helpful to help you navigate this very difficult time

    -Practice mindfulness! The calm app is a great app that helps practice mindfulness which is proven to improve your overall mental health and also helpful for the exam in general

    -Try to practice self care by doing things that make you HAPPY. If that's ordering a pizza or doing a face mask, taking time out of your day to take care of yourself will help you feel more relaxed

    -When you do not feel like studying, don't. Sitting in front of your laptop trying to force yourself to study when you're just not in the mindset will take more of a toll than not studying at all (I struggled with this at first, but I noticed when I would take a break, the next day I would do twice as much as usual)

    -Understanding why you may be avoiding studying: for me I realized studying made me anxious because when I would get a question wrong I would be SO hard on myself and get discouraged. Overcoming that can be easy as changing your mindset- every question you get wrong during practice is a question you have a better chance of getting right on test day. See studying in a more positive rather than stressful light- the more mistakes you make while you study the more you learn. It's not a reason to be discourage or avoidant of studying (that was just what I felt was the reality for me)

    -Remembering this is just a test! At the end of the day these numbers don't define you or your future, they are important of course but don't let the numbers define you or make you predict your future or have an affect on your happiness. You may be shooting for 165+, but a high 150 score could get you where you want to go you really never know

    -Remembering this is an unprecedented time. Don't feel bad if you end up rescheduling or just can't motivate during a pandemic. This is a time when people are struggling with their mental health in general because we are locked inside all day, now imagine to put the stress of the LSAT on top of that. Do not feel bad or guilty if you don't feel motivated, I am so proud of you for even being able to study right now or make this post to reach out for help. Don't be hard on yourself, remember a lot of people don't even get to the step of studying for the LSAT because they give up on being a lawyer far before that

    I hope this was helpful. :) Your post really hit home because I've been feeling the same way as you. Reach out if you need it! I am sure you'll do amazing

  • azali624azali624 Monthly Member
    61 karma

    I completely understand, I have been having a huge lack of motivation as well. But if you are not up to studying, focusing will be difficult and it is okay to take a break for the sake of your mental and emotional health. To help center your focus for when you start studying again, I would say read nonfiction and scientific articles or reading materials that are typically out of your area of interest - definitely helps with RC and LR. I just want to end by saying please do not be hard on yourself - these are such sudden and unforeseen times we are going through with the pandemic. You've got this! I wish you all the best on your exam and I know good things are in store for you.

  • lexxx745lexxx745 Alum Member Sage
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    Sounds like you're going through a really hard time, and that's totally normal and understandable. It's been crazy trying to adjust to this new normal, so it makes sense that your world feels upended. Not having a dedicated space to study/ compartmentalizing your life is hard, too.
    Some of the most helpful things for me is to do things that bring me joy and rejuvenates me. Something I learned was the difference between passive self-care and active self-care. Passive self-care for me is sitting in front of a TV or browsing reddit for hella hours, but it doesn't bring me a ton of happiness. It's just something that lets me distract myself. Active self-care is actively investing in something that I can look forward to at the end of the day. What makes you happy and keeps you going? Hopefully you can make some space for that in your life.
    I also can't stress this enough - it's so important to be connected rather than isolated. I think the situation with covid19 reinforces isolation and exacerbates so much mental health stuff. Even if it's through unconventional ways, try to find connection with other people.
    Lastly, whatever choice you make is right for you. I know that doesn't really help you give you direction, but you know where you're at and where you can go. You know you best!

  • mlhinklemlhinkle Alum Member
    292 karma

    If you’re having a hard time studying in your apartment with family maybe reach out to a friend or family friend and see if they would be willing to set up an area for you to use to study until your test.. working from a different environment helps.. my washer recently broke and I’ve been studying in the apartment three doors down (lol) not ideal but quite & new space (kinda) ..

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