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July LSAT vs. August LSAT for 2021 Law School Admissions

benmackin2benmackin2 Member
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Hi. I am currently registered to take the LSAT July 13. This was a last minute decision, as I originally planned on taking the LSAT in late August. I registered for the July LSAT out of fear of not receiving a score back quickly enough from a late August LSAT for sending my application in as early as possible (I would like to get into a t14 school). However, I am in a course that running on a schedule that assumes I am taking the August LSAT, and as it stands: a) I have only taken three practice tests and the highest score I have gotten is a 164 and b) I am shooting for a 170. I am worried that I will not get the score I would like on the July LSAT and will have to take again in August. My question is--- do I withdraw my registration from the July LSAT and get more practice in before I take the LSAT? Or, do I go ahead and take the LSAT in July, hoping for a score that would allow me to get my application in as soon as schools begin accepting applications? The crux of my question is getting a good score and maybe having to take LSAT twice/getting application in as early as possible.

Thanks if you've made it this far!!!


  • benmackin2benmackin2 Member
    34 karma

    Forgot to add: I am confident I can get a 170-- I failed to get to a logic game due to bad time management on my last practice test (a Flex test, where completing the game and getting the questions right would have put my score near 170).

  • lexxx745lexxx745 Alum Member Sage
    3190 karma

    Well theres very little downside to taking the LSAT twice, and since applications are coming up, I would grind until July and take that.

    And then take August as well

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